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From our humble beginnings back in 1997, Rhino Vending has grown to become a name synonymous with excellence in the bulk vending business. Excellent customer service, quality vending equipment and supplies have made us a favorite choice among vending operators in North America. Each vending machine that showcases the Rhino trademarked emblem on its chute door, and every mechanism that boasts the RHINO lettering on its handle are guaranteed to be free from any manufacturing defects for the life of the product. All vending machines manufactured by Rhino enjoy the best in raw material, workmanship, and quality control. Rhino promises the ultimate in dependability and profitability from every vending machine in our product line.

Everyday, bulk vending machine operators find out what makes Rhino a leader in the vending business. All metal bulk vending machines equipped with virtually jam proof drop-thru coin mechanisms for the best peace of mind a vending route operator can enjoy. Cash boxes are also available for our small head vendors for a smoother vending route business. We are also capable of customizing any of our machines to suite your product. Rhino has produced vending machines for golf balls, ping pong balls, energy chews, tooth brushes, pencils and much more… No job is too small or too big for our production. We are also capable of doing custom OEM casting and production for other small metal parts.

Our line of refills stretches from classic gumballs, bulk candy and jawbreakers, to bouncy balls and super balls. In an attempt to provide you with the widest selection of bulk candy, we carry the largest selection of gumballs and bulk candy at our warehouse. Always fresh and straight from the confectionary all our edible products are stored in the best sanitary conditions. Made from the finest synthetic rubbers, our bouncy balls are a feat of engineering. Our house approved blend of synthetic rubbers guarantees the best elastic recoil when compared with other bouncy balls currently on the market. We are also capable of manufacturing custom bouncy balls according to your specifications.

If you are looking to start a vending business, start it the right way… buy Rhino. Let us provide you with the most dependable bulk vending machines on the market for the best prices.

To your success in your vending endeavors,

The staff at Rhino Vending.

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